Resolution recap 2007

Let’s see how I did on my 2007 Resolutions:

I resolve to get better connected with my (growing up too fast) children.
I want to have more conversations with and more time spent with my children this year. I have to be intentional about it for it to really happen --so this in not only a resolution, but a
I did a so-so job at this. There were some great vacation and some pretty good home times – but the year really went by quickly and I think my children grew up even more quickly! We had more conversations – but the time and the conversations have to be better next year.

I resolve to read more books.
I read a few last year, but I know I can read more! I've set a goal of at least a dozen this year (Way more than I've read in the past -- way less than a lot of you read)
I didn’t spend much time "curled up" with a good book this year, but I did "read" (in the ‘listening to the book on CD’ way – as I drove back and forth to Somonauk) at least 20 books.

I resolve to preach more.
This one isn't really fair to say. I start as pastor at Union Congregational Church on February 5 -- so this one is definitely going to happen.
You’ve been able to read and listen to the podcasts of 50+ sermons I preached in 2007

I resolve to get a new (to me) car.
My 1990 Lumina APV is older than my oldest child.
I’ve been very happy driving my 2003 Chevy Lumina since the end of January.

I resolve to produce the first (and more) episodes of 'The Man with the Guitar' video series.
Last year I recorded a record (on CD and available for digital download from most of the major online music stores) and I also recorded the theme song for the show. I'd like to get at least 4 short episodes done in 2007.
I didn’t do any episodes of the show – but TODAY I did shoot sequences for two different songs – the first two episodes of the show – debuting January 2008 (That sounds like a resolution!)

I’ll make 2008 resolutions a few days after January 6 . . .

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