Feist - 1234 Bible Study

At the back of the Interlinc YLO magazines, there are short Bible devotions based on pop tunes. Here's one I wrote for Feist's "1234." (It's in YLO 70)


Song: 1234
Artist: Feist
Album: The Reminder
Kirk Moore
Union Congregational Church
Somonauk, Illinois

Teaching Point: Relationships

Opening Question: How important are the romantic relationships you have when you’re young?

Discussion: Young romance can be intense, emotional, thrilling and sometimes painful.
Feist’s "1234" has a happy, bouncy feel in a song that encourages people not to get so wrapped up in romantic relationships that they lose their identity. It sees young romance as something simple and fleeting, while looking at grown-up relationship as wiser and less prone to drama. It sees intensity-driven romance as fleeting, and looks forward to something deeper and more meaningful. In the end it encourages the listener to remember the importance of being true to themselves.

It’s sad to think this way, but "1234" also reminds us that none of our human relationships are perfect. We have fights, disagreements and endings to so many relationships in our lives. But while realizing that our relationships may not last forever, we can be comforted in knowing that God’s love for us never ends. If we seek to love each other with the love described in 1 Corinthians 13, we can come closer to loving each other with the kind of love that God gives unconditionally. The better we become at living that kind of love, the better we’ll become as individuals, too.

Conclusion: We’re human – and too often we fail at loving each other in a way that lasts. If we practice the unconditional love that God gives to us with each other, we’ll have longer lasting, happier and more genuine relationships. We’ll also be happier with who we are as individuals.

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