I Am Legend

I went to see the latest remake of the Omega Man last night on New Year's Eve. (the theatre wasn't that crowded!) Here's my short review:

Thought-provoking, creepy, scary, shocking and great!

Here's a little more:

  • This film has many similarities with Night of the Living Dead. But I think this one scared me a whole lot more.
  • Will Smith's performance is dark, delirious and Oscar-worthy
  • This movie was way to intense for my Mother, but I think everyone else liked it (at least somewhat!)
  • I think there must be a piece explaining the Dark Dwellers intelligence. Robert Neville appears to have missed it.
  • The special effects aren't outstanding -- but Will Smith's portrayal made it seem insignificant. Is that the second think I said about Will Smith's performance? It's still not enough)

Favorite character

Will Smith as Robert Neville. He makes this movie great.

Favorite other person I recognized

Salli Richardson as Zoe. (I love her as Alison Blake in Eureka on the SciFi Channel)

If you like intense and intelligent -- you'll like this film.


Anonymous said...

you mean it is not just will smith acting alone a la cast away?

Kirk said...

Let's just say that there were many more characters in Cast Away than there are in I Am Legend.