On the ninth day

I got around to making my New Year's resolutions!

Here they are:

I resolve to get better connected with my (growing up too fast) children.

  • I want to have more conversations with and more time spent with my children this year. I have to be intentional about it for it to really happen --so this in not only a resolution, but a pledge.

I resolve to read more books.

  • I read a few last year, but I know I can read more! I've set a goal of at least a dozen this year (Way more than I've read in the past -- way less than a lot of you read)

I resolve to preach more.

  • This one isn't really fair to say. I start as pastor at Union Congregational Church on February 5 -- so this one is definitley going to happen.

I resolve to get a new (to me) car.

I resolve to produce the first (and more) episodes of 'The Man with the Guitar' video series.

  • Last year I recorded a record (on CD and available for digital download from most of the major online music stores) and I also recorded the theme song for the show. I'd like to get at least 4 short episodes done in 2007.

At the beginning of 2008 I'll check these again.


smmmm said...

Here's to keeping them. I moved back to blogspot.

johny b said...

will your sermons be available as a podcast? i would love to hear you preach... i guess i just have to come out and visit...

Kirk said...

Welcome back, Mr. Thomas

Kirk said...

I'm not sure about the sound recording stuff at Union yet. I'll let you know about podcasts after a few weeks.