We experienced Gross Theology #8 "Blisters" last night at youth group. This particular lesson needs a little work, I think, before it's ready for others to test out. We did have lots of fun, however. We made fake blisters using petroleum jelly, yellow food coloring, fake blood and one-ply tissue. (I didn't take any pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination.) I also taught students how to make a realistic-looking blister very quickly using a washer or a key (the hole). I got that idea from a Penn and Teller TV show from 1994.

Even though this chapter needs work, we did identify several faith issues relating to blisters.

  • Play with fire, you'll probably get burned. (OK -- not faith based, but good advice nevertheless.)
  • Sometimes you need to take a rest. (When we get a blister from working hard, it reminds us to take a break. The whole "6 days of work and one day of rest" commandment works well here.)
  • We are frail. In our frailty we can see how strong God is. (We blister easily. But our bodies -- wonderfully created -- remind is to change things or to stop doing what causes us pain. The blisters can also remind us that we need God's healing and unconditional love.)
  • Sometimes we make stupid mistakes and there are consequences for our actions. But no matter what, God will never abandon us and God loves us eternally and unconditionally.

I think that number 8 is the last chapter for this book. Now comes additional editing to make things the best they can be, graphics and the decision what to do as the next step in publishing.

Speaking of publishing, this week I put the final touches on a music-based Bible study and also a short devotion for the next Interlinc Music Loop Magazine. I think it will be published in March.


traci said...

I'm pretty sure that "play with fire and get burned" thing actually IS in the Bible. I mean, after all, think about that whole David and Bathsheba thing. Also the lady who got turned into a pillar of salt. Wasn't that because she was trying to cover up a lie or something? I forget. Bloglines is PSYYYYYYYYCHO. It just gave me ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE UPDATES from YOUR BLOG. What the --. At least it's picking it up again. Have fun in Bonaire. Oh yeah, also, I still have your books. I haven't forgotten. Talk to you when you get back. This is a pretty long comment. Ha.

Kirk said...

I went back and put labels on old blog entries. The new version of blogger added them, so I decided to go back and "post-label." And then, of course, each time I label an old blog it gets republished . . .