There’s a comfort in being sure. Do you remember the 80’s TV commercial? “Raise your hand – raise your hand -- if you’re sure.”

Yes. Being sure you have worn the proper anti-perspirant – so as not to risk moisture under the arms, gives you a secure, confident feeling. A feeling of being sure.

Like the anti-perspirant commercial, I think a whole generation of people believes that being sure is best.

I’m not so sure. I think wonder, imagination, dreaming, questioning, learning, and doubting are what this world needs.

The early Christians were sure that Jesus was returning – very soon. They didn’t know exactly when, but it was definitely before they would all die. They had to be ready because it was going to happen – surely – any day.

And it didn’t.

Maybe “This generation will not pass until all these things have taken place” from this week’s Bible reading from Mark 13:24-37 isn’t about a 40 year generation. Maybe it is about “this generation” of humanity – meaning that all of humankind won’t pass before these things have taken place.

I don’t think so. I think that all who were sure that Jesus was coming back right away got it wrong.

And folks have been trying to figure out a way to be sure ever since.

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