Not Me.

Mark 1:1-8. First there’s the title.  You thought it was the Gospel of Mark?  Well, that’s what we call it.  The writer had a different title:

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

It then begins with John, but John is quick to point out.

It’s not me.  There’s another on the way.

Is that all John was for?  Getting people ready for Jesus?  Telling people that he was nothing compared to Jesus? 

Well, Mr. Baptizer, you did more than that.
You told people to change their ways from selfishness and greed to kindness and generosity.
People from all over came to you and had life changing experiences.
You lived simply. You lived what you preached.

And that’s enough to make a difference.

During this “getting ready for Christmas” time.  We all can make a difference.

Be kind and generous
Live simply

That is enough to make a difference.

Me. You. All of us.

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