Sometimes I feel really positive.  Other times, not so much. Lately I’ve really been paying attention to how often I think of things in negative terms, and it was too many. I can’t simplify everything into a “Look, I’m always going to think of things in positive terms and I’m not going to think in negative terms anymore” description, but I am noticing and consciously trying to see more positives. I really don’t want to rant against negatives. They are always present. So why not focus on what I support instead of what I'm against? For instance:

  • I support comprehensive, compassionate and fair immigration reform.
  • I support marriage equality
  • I support LGBT equality
  • I support a woman’s right to chose.
  • I support the paycheck fairness act
  • I support a $15 an hour federal minimum wage with annual cost of living increases
  • I support single payer healthcare reform.

And as I express those things, I recognize that many will have immediate negative thoughts. Some of them will probably be directed at the causes I just said I support. Others likely will be directed at me for supporting those causes. I also recognize that many will have positive thoughts about the causes I listed (and others I support) as well as about me for supporting them.

All those ideas are present here today. And, for right now, I want to focus on the positives. Not the positives relating to the things I just said I support, but rather “the positives” in general. This week’s Bible reading from Matthew 25:31-46 tells the parable of the sheep and the goats. There are negatives and positives. And I want to focus on the positives – and perhaps even enhance them.

  • I was hungry and you had a banquet in my honor.
  • I was a stranger and you introduced me to all of your friends.
  • I was naked and you took me on a shopping spree.
  • I was sick and you brought me soup and you took me to the doctor.
  • I was in prison and you told me I was loved no matter what.
How positive can we get?

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