Movies I'll probably see this summer

Well, the 'summer' movie season has been in gear for a bit, but here's my (annual?) list of upcoming movies I'd like to see.  If I do, I'll also probably post short reviews!  This year's list is heavy on expected blockbusters and doesn't have any "sleeper" films included.  I just haven't found one that looks like I'll see it in the theatre.  Maybe you can recommend some to me?

The Hunger Games    March 23  Saw it.  Loved it.
The Avengers    May 4  Saw it too.  Loved it too.
Dark Shadows    May 11 - Johnny Depp gives the horror soap the "Brady Bunch Movie" treatment?  I'm there!
MIB III    May 25 - I've been waiting for this one.  I hope it doesn't stink.  I fear it might.
Snow White & The Huntsman    June 1 - Can Kristen Stewart pull off a film that requires her to not be Bella?  I think she can.
Rock of Ages    June 15 - I know Tom Cruise can still act.  I want to hear him sing, too. (Will it be him singing?)
Brave    June 22 - Pixar.  'Nuff said.
The Amazing Spider-Man    July 6 - Reboot?  Again?  Why not.
The Dark Knight Rises    July 20 - May make me forget The Avengers
The Bourne Legacy    August 3 - I'm skeptical but curious
Total Recall    August 3  March 23 - I loved the original.  Please be good.

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