Widening the Welcome 2 -- 2

And just like that we've already experienced the first day of Widening the Welcome 2: Inclusion for All.

Highlights?  Plenty!

Is it wrong to say that I'm really enjoying the music?  I think folks here are really enjoying it, too! Today we've sung songs by Bryan Sirchio, Christopher Grundy, Thomas A Dorsey, Gordon Light, Jaroslav Vajda, Ken Medema, Mister Rogers, and Bob Stromberg.  And there's more to come tomorrow and Saturday!
Our opening speakers have been moving and wonderful!  Here are some quotes I've posted:

"Invite those who are on the outside of the outside to the feast. That's the neighborhood God lives in." Craig Rennebohm

 "We have built a nation of communities that are increasingly leaving people out." Craig Rennebohm

"The Church today is still hindered by old stereotypes of disability." Carolyn Thompson

"I do not recall any stories where Jesus just threw (to those who were outcast) some coins." Carolyn Thompson

"The person on the margin is in a unique position to see what is out of view from one in the center." Carolyn Thompson

Dinner was extraordinarily  tasty and our evening Core group discussions gave us a chance to breathe out, relax, and get to know one another. 

In other words -- things are going marvelously.  I can't wait for tomorrow!

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