Widening the Welcome 2 -- 3

What a day!

Highlights too many to list completely, but they include great conversations, inspiring workshops, continued great food, fun times with songs, and mind-stretching speakers.

Let me elaborate:

Yesterday's songs included those by Lady Gaga, John Newton, Gordon Light, John Evns-Klock, Sarah Kay, and Bill Green, in addition -- we sang songs best described as "campfire favorites" and "that's just too silly to sing."  Tom Reynolds played some amazing piano - so much fun to collaborate with an artist with his talent!

Speaking of Tom -- He was one of our keynote speakers yesterday.  And I am still processing the mind blowing, challenging -- I don't know how to completley describe it, but in my notes I wrote "Whoa. Aha! WTF? OMFG!"

Here are a few quotes I posted from yesterday.

"God is present in the clearness, chaos, music, clutter . . . we access the divine differently" Rev. Faith McCausland
"The power of music is incredible as to what it can do to help a person change their feelings" Karl Shallowhorn
"Be open to disruption." Tom Reynolds
"To be included entails one's difference being welcomed, having equality among others, and given access." Tom Reynolds
"Difference full of dignity and respect give glimpses if the divine." Tom Reynolds
"Disability may be a gift that teaches and empowers." Tom Reynolds
"Care and inclusion isn't always innocent. It can be deceptively marginalizing." Tom Reynolds
"It's time we stop using scripture & theology ... to punish the very people who need God's mercy most." Christine Guth

"Let's turn our vision of healing from cure to community." Christine Guth

"The Kingdom of God was ADA compliant long before we thought of it." Bob Molsberry
People with mental illness are victims of violence 16X more than those without mental illness. Ken Gilbert

And there's still more to come today!

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