Volunteer Work Camp 2011 - 2

All of your people matter.

We took the daily theme to heart at Volunteer Work Camp 2011.  Though muscles are sore and folks are already feeling the wearying effects of the work, kindness and respect have been present, evident, and thriving. 

Yesterday we spent time landscaping and sorting through clothes at Polly's Place, a shelter for pregnant women in Niles, Michigan.  This is a place where we've worked in several other years and the volunteers loved being back at a place that really does communicate that hearts in every form still matter. 

Our other group spent the better part of the day digging a drainage ditch around a tennis/basketball court at Tower Hill.  6 inches deep and 18 inches wide through root-filled ground.  Sore muscles have definitely arrived!

After a swim in an ultra-cold Lake Michigan, a "Everyone Matters" Bible study relating to Lady Gaga's "Born this Way," and some fun at the rock climbing wall, we had our evening sunset bonfire at the beach. This time we even had some guests with us, as folks from another camp were walking the beach and came and sang campfire songs with us.

Thank you, God -- for continuing to remind us that all of your people matter.

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