Volunteer Work Camp 2011 - 1

This week I'm a co-director of the Illinois Conference, United Church of Christ's Volunteer Work Camp.  We're working at and out of Tower Hill Camp in Sawyer, Michigan.
This year's theme grows out of the Jars of Clay song, "Small Rebellions" and the adults and students at the camp are paying attention, as we work, that every one of God's children matters.  We've already noticed such kindness and goodwill -- from campers, with folks we work with, from the camp staff . . . everyone!

Our first work day involved working both with the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan (Part of the downtown beautification project -- we mulched, raked, watered, and cleaned) and right at Tower Hill (we cleaned the beach, put up new street signs, painted tables, and worked to beautify the camp!)
We're also spending time at the beach, having a nightly beach bonfire with campfire songs (yes, I love leading songs with the guitar!) writing notes of kindness and encouragement to campers, filling up a "Small Rebellions" wall mural with 'rebellions' we've noticed, and having a continuing conversation about how showing kindness, love, and encouragement really do matter.

We're also exhausted after the first day.  More energy is coming for the rest of the week!

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