Born this Way - Bible Study

Yes. This is a Bible study about Lady Gaga's Born this Way.  It's about love and acceptance. (The song . . . and the study, too.)

I wrote it for Interlinc's Music Magazine -- not really expecting them to publish it. (The magazine's blog had just come out with a pretty anti-Gaga post just prior to me writing this study.)  I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see the study published in the most recent YLO magazine -- YLO 84.  The digital magazine article is here -- and here's exactly what I wrote!

Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: Born this Way
Album: Born this Way

By: Kirk Moore
kirk@stodgyoldpastor.com   (this email address really does work)

The Point:
God loves everyone. No exceptions.

  • Have you felt the pain of rejection? 
  • Have you treated someone as if they didn’t matter? 
Lady Gaga’s anthem is everywhere. There’s an original version, a country road version, a sexually charged video, a Bollywood remix, countless other remixes, a (not anymore) controversy over a new parody version, and, of course, a Glee version, too! The song has taken flight – and opinions are flying as well. Some say that her message is all about making excuses for a living a sinful lifestyle. Others say that it’s all about acceptance for the ones who have been rejected by others. This study explores what you think about Born This Way.
  • What about the song gives you hope?
  • What about the song makes you uneasy?
  • What does the song make you want to do?
Bible stuff:
  • Luke 14:12-13:  Who are the ones who aren’t usually invited to the banquet today? What invitation have you given?
  • John 4:1-39:  The woman at the well was an outcast. What did Jesus offer her? What happened as a result?
  • Matthew 7:1-5:  Jesus used humor with a point. What makes it so easy to point out other’s mistakes while ignoring our own horrible actions?
God’s love is for everyone. It is for people who have everything together and people who are a complete mess. It is also for people who are sure they have it together and who are really a complete mess. Everyone deserves to be treated as one whom God loves.

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