UCC Illinois Conference Annual Meeting 2009 - 3

The 45th annual meeting of the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ is over! Here are a few notables from the last couple of days

  • Robust discussion during the business meetings. We passed several resolutions, addressed some issues of anger and resentment (no, we didn't resolve them) and were moved especially during the times our chaplain called us together to prayer
  • Engaging and extraordinarily helpful preaching from Dr. Alice Hunt.
  • A lively and contagious worship service this morning with preacher Nathan Elder and an opportunity for me to have fun leading music
  • A sign of relief as we all head home.
Here's the song lineup from today:
Pre-service fun:
Hole in the Bottom of the Sea - Traditional
The Cheese Song – Kirk Moore
I Always go Potty in the Toilet – Kirk Moore
Change Your Diaper – Kirk Moore
Flush the Toilet Every Time – Kirk Moore

Worship Service
Something Beautiful For God - Bryan Sirchio
T.A.M.B.O. - Christopher Grundy
Masithi - Traditional
Hearts Full of Gratitude - Bryan Sirchio
More Light - Christopher Grundy
What Does Our God Require of Us (‘Speedwood” style) - Bryan Sirchio
Healing River (chorus only) - Christopher Grundy
Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ - Fred Kann
Sanctus - Christopher Grundy
I Am Welcomed - Bryan Sirchio
Lions – Lost and Found

May we continue to walk wisely with God, embedded in the sacred life.

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