UCC Illinois Conference Annual Meeting 2009 - 2

Living the Sacred Life -- day one is complete!  Here are some of my highlights of the first day of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ:

  • Lunch with Jeffrey, Timoth and Jonathan at Bailey's Place.  It was great to reconnect with colleagues I don't see too often.  
  • Ministry and Mental Illness workshop with Rev. Robert Dell.  Folks who are mentally ill have, for far too long, been forced out of or into the margins of the church.  Bob has been a friend and a mentor to me as I confront my own failures in ministering to folk with mental illness and as an inspiration to educate congregations and to reach out to those who are affected by mental illness.
  • Taking "Immerse yourself" photos for the UCC General Synod's "Immerse Yourself" Photo Mosaic  I submitted several new pictures to the project today.
  • Dinner at Jimmie Johns with Jeanne and John.  This year's meeting food prices are too high for my taste.  A few of us may spend less than the price of one day's food over the whole three days!
  • Opening worship with preacher Rev. Dr. Ozzie Smith.  This man is a gifted speaker and a person of passion.  I appreciate his words, his presence and his witness.  I loved it when he asked the question, "Is living the sacred life about saying we are holy or about admitting that we are filled with holes?"
  • The part just before we received the evening's offering when the worship leader said "We may have forgotten to get ushers."
  • The relaxing Prairie Associate after hours gathering at the Grove Tavern.  Good times with some great colleagues in ministry.

Tomorrow morning starts early -- I have an appointment at 7 am!

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