UCC General Synod 27 - 5

The day that was and thoughts thereupon (or some other artsy saying to begin this post)
  • I spend some time in the room where the resolution committee discussing resolutions relating to a single governance plan in the UCC were meeting. I was there when they recommended a new resolution "toward unified governance for the national setting of the UCC" We vote on the resolution tomorrow.
  • It was great to have Ken Medema here for some lively and some thought-provoking songs. During one of the songs I simply had to dance. (I don't dance well, though) I had several others dance, too! During another song Ken asked us to scratch the backs of folks all over the room. I did, at one point, scratch John Thomas' and Linda Jaramillo's backs. Not sure they were down with that song, however.
  • We welcomed Rev. Geoffrey Black as our new General Minister and President. Rev. Black was most recently the New York Conference Minister.
  • We began the business meetings, passing a few resolutions and being a little bit frustrated with issues relating to budget and how long amended text stayed on the video screens.
  • I experienced a worship service that really stretched me outside my comfort zone. I wonder how others reacted?
  • Wound down at the UCC writers group wine and cheese party. Nice to see some old friends and meet a few new ones.
No early morning tomorrow -- but still a full day. I'm looking forward to all it brings.

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