Just suppose . . .

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

Just suppose . . .

That we reimagined this week’s Bible reading from Mark 6:1-13 and wondered how it would play out in an i.culture.

Jesus finished up blogging and went to the myUCC group where he and his closest friends would gather to chat. He posted some profound things in the main community pages and some of the folks there were amazed that someone who had no business writing profound things was doing it. Several made snarky comments about his family and his upbringing, and pointed out that someone ought to talk some sense into him.

Of course, Jesus responded to their comments by saying that “folks outside our community like me – what’s your problem?” And he decided that he wouldn’t write much more at all for them.
Then he went back to the myUCC group where his closest friends would gather to chat and he told hem to make lots of new groups – on myUCC and Facebook and Myspace (though he rethought Myspace when he saw the usage trends) and many other social network sites.

He wrote to them to just make the groups – no intense web design and no pre-planned discussion questions. And he also said that if they made the groups and the folks there started making an overabundance of snarky comments and hate messages that they should make an “I’m closing this page” announcement and go on to the next opportunity.

So they made the groups and welcomed folks – offering them a reason and a way to turn towards the stillspeaking God. They prayed with folks in real-time prayer chapels, offered words of encouragement and healing with posts and comments and forum discussions. Many people experienced a reconnectionto God and a restored awareness of faith in their lives.

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