UCC General Synod 27 - 4

I've had a day filled with uplifting moments -- here are a few:
  • This morning's sacred conversation on race and culture brought with it -- in a small (7 people) group portion of the conversation, a blessed mosaic where all in our diverse group had a voice. I felt as if we began a time of trust-building, and I think that trust is an essential element in any conversation.
  • The afternoon worship service was one that filled me with awe. The General Synod Celebration Choir sang "Let Hope Spring Forth" by Mark Hayes. I was in the choir -- and I felt the energy, passion and inspiration the song brought -- to the choir and to the congregation!
  • John Thomas' benediction from our afternoon worship is one that will linger in my mind for a long time, "Swim bravely, United Church of Christ. Swim safely, United Church of Christ. And relax in the buoyancy of grace."
  • After returning to my room from a two-hour resolution committee discussion (I was the one who made the motion to adjourn -- it carried.) I had a wonderful conversation with my roommate. We discovered our shared United Methodist Church background (before we became part of the UCC) and realized that we had probably met on several occasions over the years!
Tomorrow the General Synod business plenary sessions begin . . .and Ken Medema is going to be here too!

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