UCC General Synod 27- 3

A full day at GS 27 -- here are a few thoughts from the day.

  • We had a really early (6:30 am) Illinois delegation meeting. The energy level in the room was, needless to say, really low. I'd love to lead some morning songs with the group to jump start the energy . . .
  • MSNBC's Eugene Robinson told us that he was happy to be away from his "dysfunctional family" and then he clarified that we wasn't talking about his wife and children, but rather MSNBC. I appreciated his observation, "Diversity is not a destination -- it is a journey."
  • I 'stopped by' the Local Church Ministries area of the exhibition hall to lend a hand for a bit. The place was REALLY crowded and the two cash register lines were backed up 30+ people deep. I helped at a register for about 4 hours before we had a break. But in the process I had perhaps hundreds of conversations with some wonderful folks. I love the UCC!
  • Dinnertime! Andy Lang and I had some great conversation and shared a wonderful meal. It was great to spend 'face time' with someone I mostly interact with on i.ucc and myUCC.
  • Evening celebration: Our time of worship was uplifting and vibrant. We celebrated John Thomas' ministry as our General Minister and President. I think the highlight of the evening came when Dancing Wheels dance company performed some fluid and beautiful dances. Dancing Wheels has both standing and seated dancers.

Another early morning tomorrow . . .

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