UCC General Synod 27 - 2

I arrived early this afternoon at the UCC's 27th General Synod --
A bit of what I've experienced so far.
  • Shared a testimony for the "Why I Love the UCC" video project. When I arrived, however, I was wearing a light green shirt -- almost the same color as the green screen behind me. I had to change so that I didn't appear as a floating head on the final product
  • Had a great dinner at Mojos piano bar and restaurant. The piano wasn't playing, and the service was a bit slow, but the folks were extraordinarily friendly and attentive and they promised to have more folks helping the rest of the time the UCC folk are here in GR. Harold, Sandy, Tom, Juanita, Jesse, Keith, Kim and I shared a great meal together.
  • Experienced a rousing and marvelous worship service. The Trinity UCC, Chicago choir and dance ministries were positively electric! And Rev. Otis Moss III delivered the word ("God's Punctuation") in energetic, provocative and inspired fashion. He reminded us that folks may want to put a period on what we can be or where we are going, but God isn't finished yet!
Tomorrow -- 6:30 am gathering of the Illinois Conference Delegates before a full "River City Saturday."

  • I noticed that @gdbrekke, @ReikiRevSue @rebeccawoods @KNDwyer @cdk1536 @CTUCC @randomswathe @pastordangb @MissaVeggie @unitedchurch @revjen @RevJSS @damichcoop and @stripeswplaid are twittering about #gs27 as well -- anyone else?

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