UCC General Synod 27 - 6

Well then, the United Church of Christ's 27th General Synod is over.

And here's the wrap up . . . from today.
  • No Illinois Conference Delegation breakfast today. I didn't pick up anything to eat before going to the main hall - so I had cookies for breakfast.
  • We discussed and voted on 14 different resolutions today. Overall, we discussed 17 resolutions and heard and discussed lots of reports. The results of the votes are here
  • At one point during our discussions today, a protest began over the way the previous resolution (relating to Unified Governance) had been addressed and voted on. Ultimately the protest ended, but I felt as if the body had used procedure to end it rather than fully address it. I'm not, however, privy to all the details relating to the anger from any of the folks who were protesting. But I am certain that we need to do a better job relating to issues of trust and territory when it comes to conversations and policies in the UCC.
  • A little later in the day we were discussion a resolution relating to diversity/multi-cultural education in public schools. I didn't think our conversation was at an organic moving on point when one delegate called the question. Ultimately we voted in favor of calling it, after a division of the house and careful count of votes (do you like my lofty Robert's rules language?) and then passed the resolution. We could have done better in listening to dissenting voices on both this resolution and the one relating to unified governance.
  • We ended this year's General Synod in a spirited-traditional style worship -- with Rev. Patricia DeJong (I used to be the pastor to Pat's sister and nephew) preaching, Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" (really -- but with Jesus-ed up lyrics) played for the offering music and a raucous version of 'Joyful Joyful' as our closing hymn and post-service music.
Ready to head home early tomorrow morning. General Synod 28 heads to Tampa Bay in July 2011.

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