Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:
I’m a pastor at a small town church surrounded by acres and acres of farmland. I watch the fields as they are planted, as small plants begin to grow, as they grow so large that road visibility around corners is impaired, as the crops are harvested, as the fields lie dormant, and again as the fields are planted and small plants begin to grow.

This week’s Bible reading from Mark 4:26-34 – the one that includes two parables that compare God’s realm to seeds and growth, is an easy one to understand when I look at the fields around me. Seeds are planted. They grow. The plants grow large. The plants are harvested, providing nourishment and resources. The seeds that come from the plants are planted – and more growth begins.

I think that’s how Jesus is comparing God’s realm. Seeds planted, growth, LOTS of growth, harvest, and continued seed planting.

All of it is for the benefit of those whose lives are enhanced by what grows. But all if it also requires a reseeding on our part so that the growth doesn’t stop.

How have you experienced God’s realm? How are you reseeding what you’ve experienced?

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