Grilled Cheese Invitational 2009

I didn't know there was a grilled cheese invitational -- but today I found out that the "1st 7th annual Grilled Cheese Invitational" was held in Los Angeles State Historic Park on April 25th. And it was sponsored by Kraft!
Maybe those Kraft folks will see the video Christy Jordan made and want to use my song in one of their commercials . . .

Here's Christy's video - with the Cheese Song in the background!


Christy Jordan said...

Hey!!! Is that your song?? HOW COOL!

Email me and I'll tell you what Kraft thought about it!
Christy :)
P.S. Thanks for posting the video!

Christy Jordan said...

~dances around singing about cheese~

WOW, this is so cool....

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who loves cheese, this is the best cheese song I have ever heard!:):)

Kirk said...

I have to agree :)