Rev. Wright

My colleague in the United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, just spoke to reporters from the Daily Press in Virginia about his relationship with President Obama and about politics in general. Most of the interview is without controversy, Instead it is one where Rev. Wright offers his opinions on some current issues.

But he did say this about whether or not he had recently spoken to the president:

"Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me."

Rev. Wright -- you know better than to use insults like that. Insulting words and the ideas that are behind them do no good -- they do a whole lot of harm. I think you need to apologize.

UPDATE: June 10

From Rev. Wright's official Facebook page:

"I apologize to the Jewish community and all others who were offended by the way in which I framed my comments. I misspoke.
I meant no harm or ill-will to the American Jewish community or the Obama Administration. My great respect for the Jewish faith and the foundational (and central) part of my Judeo Christian tradition are unquestionable and I pray that all whom I have hurt accept my sincerest apology."

I know some folks will decide to parse words and say that Rev. Wright didn't say enough. Debates may continue, but I'm glad he apologized.

Thank you, Rev. Wright.


Don Niederfrank said...


I have other issues w/Rev. Wright--his divisiveness most of all--but my brotherly advice is not to hold your breath. I can't ever remember Jeremiah Wright apologizing. Can you?

Kirk said...

I don't know him well enough to guess whether he's apologized - I imagine someone who has lived 67 years has offered several, tho.

GWiley said...

Holy Moley. He actually said that. Boy does he need to account for that one.

Peter said...

Rev Kirk gets results!

Kirk said...

I'm sure Rev. Wright was paying close attention to my comments :)