National Pastors Convention - 6

It's been another packed day -- filled with hard work, inspiration, laughter, conversations and even a bit of rest!  Here's a few brief thoughts, reactions and 'one-liners.'
  • Nazareth:  Sometimes I think he's really funny.  Other times I wish he would stick to his funny stuff.
  • Bishop Emmanuel Katongole and Catherine Claire Larsen:  The single most affecting statement of the convention -- in reference to the genocide in Rwanda: "The blood of tribalism runs deeper than the waters of baptism."  (Does the blood of church dogma and non-negotiable wedge subjects run deeper than the waters of baptism as well?)
  • Rob Bell: (who came close to stepping on me but used the eyes on the back of his head when he walked backwards in the aisle) You are one of God's precious resources -- you don't have to be an ecclesiastical punching bag -- and forgiveness is absolutely necessary.
  • Sons of Korah:  Their music is soul-lifting.  I appreciate that their focus is the Psalms and within the Psalms they spend much time on the laments.  I think we need to sing more sad songs in church.
  • AJ Jacobs:  Meeting and talking with this incredible author has been the highlight of the convention for me.  He was gracious, authentic, and really seemed to be enjoying himself today.  I can't wait for his next book -- something about "What it was like when I spent a month doing everything my wife asked."  (Coming out in about a year, probably)  
  • Shane Hipps:  Communicated to us that the media does change the message -- as a matter of fact -- the media is the message.  (I learned this in college -- still believe it to be true.)
  • Tommy Walker:  Really good praise and worship leader with a really good backing band.  Not overly exciting -- but good nonetheless
  • Will Willimon:  This bishop of the Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church had us laughing from start to (almost) finish.  At the end he stung us with the reality that the people who tend to drive clergy crazy (the laity!) are the one's Jesus loves.
  • Ken Medema:  Lots of fun with the "Here's a song about your most embarrassing moment" songs. (I had to run fast to keep up with the running camerman during the audience interviews) and lots more fun with "The Laity Song" at the end of Will Willimon's talk.

Tomorrow:  Bill Hybels, Paul Young, Kendall Payne, Christopher Wright, Andrew Marin and Taylor Mason.

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