National Pastors Convention 2009 - 5

We've begun! Today was so packed with NPC fun that I'm going to try to post only several one-sentence reactions (or descriptions you can ask questions about.)
  • Bob Stromberg: "Walk it off!"

  • Efrem Smith: "What's your 3 foot wall?"

  • Ashmont Hill: "Rock the house!"
  • David Kinnamon and Gabe Lyons: "Don't let up now -- let's work together on some significant change!"
  • Michael Jr.: "Completely hilarious!"
  • Shane Claiborne: "Give it away."

  • AJ Jacobs: "Did you feel a little patronized by that interview?"
    Session Giveaways: First session -- "Great!" Second session -- "Really -- these are the giveaways?"

  • Ken Medema: "Stupendous! Bringing in Moon Shadow was another stroke of genious."

Tomorrow: Rob Bell, Sons of Korah, Will Willimon, Tommy Walker and Shane Hipps. . . .

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djchuang said...

Wasn't Will Willimon listed as one of American's best preachers in Time magazine or another mainstream 'zine? He certainly did speak well to the pastors and connected with humor and insight. Not easy to do from the pulpit.