National Pastors Convention 2009 - 4

4 posts and the convention hasn't yet begun! But today is the day.

  • Yesterday we completed setting up the main stage -- I posted a few pics at twitpic during the setup, including this one of the main stage almost complete.
  • I had a chance to connect with a few more friends yesterday, too. Great conversations with lots to think about.
  • 4 of us went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner -- more great conversation with many calories included. Then afterwards Andrew (from Minnesota) and I caught a movie together: "Push" It was a very strange film -- I'm not sure I grasped enough of it to form an opinion. If I do, I'll post a review here.
  • Free stuff on the seats (That's one of my jobs here) and General Session 1 with Efrem Smith, Ashmont Hill, Bob Stromberg, Ken Medema, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons today!

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