Don’t tell anyone about this

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

Jesus healed a man with a skin disease. Restored back to health, the man was warned by Jesus to keep quiet about the healing and to go to a priest so that he could be restored to the community he was outcast from because of his disease. The man didn’t listen. He went out and started telling anyone who would listen, “I’ve been healed! Jesus healed me!”

Did the man, healed of his skin disease, mess things up for Jesus?

This week’s Bible reading from Mark 1:40-45 says that Jesus couldn’t openly go into towns anymore – and instead stayed out in the country. It also says that folks still came and found him.

Do you think this man was the only one who talked? Do you think he was the only person who either knew of Jesus’ healings or had experienced them personally? Do you think Jesus really expected folks to keep quiet about miracles?

I don’t either.

The man who was healed told his story. He told everyone who would listen what Jesus meant to him.

Oh that we would be so bold in telling our story.

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