National Pastors Convention 2009 - 3

Today's been rather uneventful (We've gotten a whole lot done in setting up the NPC, but it hasn't been a "this is a cool thing to write on a blog!" kind of day.) . . . I might think it was hardly worth posting anything, but . . .

  • I hadn't realized the depth of friendship I feel with these folks. During our opening staff meeting I recognized about three-quarters of the folks in the room and then very quickly got acquainted with the others. That part wasn't all that surprising to me, as I find it easy and energizing to meet new people. But seeing folks I haven't seen since last year and spending time talking and sharing, even if just a little bit, was very refreshing and uplifting. I'm really looking forward to spending time with these old and new friends this week.
  • Main stage setup really gets going tomorrow morning. We did some pre-stuff today - - moving stuff around and making the back stage area ready to be a back stage area. Tomorrow we'll do muscle-stretching and slight pain producing kinds of things.
  • Staff dinner tonight in the Tiki Pavilion here at the Town and Country. I feel like I'll have to sing the Tiki Room song -- if quietly -- at least once.

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