National Pastors Convention 2009 - 7

Today was the last full day of the NPC 2009. It moved a little slower than previous days -- and I sensed many people were dragging and running out of energy. Here are some thoughts from the day:

  • Bob Stromberg: Bob's been a cohost all week -- and today he treated us with the story of the time he, as a 2nd grader, sang in the Christmas program at his school. I've heard him tell the story before -- and I laughed as hard as I ever have -- if not even harder, as he told it again.
  • Paul Young: The author of The Shack told us that he originally wrote this book to give to his children (like a letter -- but it was a book.) Things went on from there.
  • Kendall Payne: This amazing singer has one of the purest voices I've heard. She debuted (tried out?) a brand new song called "He Might Ask the Same of You." The song moved me to tears -- very few songs have ever had that kind of power with me. I looked at Kendall's website to find that she first posted the lyrics to the song as "lyrics without a melody" on February 6.
  • Bill Hybels: I've heard Bill speak on numerous occasions. Today he focused on listening for God's whispers in our lives. He said "God still speaks" several times. I couldn't help but draw the connection with the UCC's website: stillspeaking.com.
  • Taylor Mason: He won Star Search, was recently featured on Last Comic Standing, and tonight I learned that he's also a fantastic piano player! He had the audience in stitches throughout his set.
  • Andrew Marin: I'm not sure about my feelings about Andrew right now. I was encouraged as he said that he wants to build a bridge with folks in the LBGT community without a particular long-term agenda other than love. He carries himself differently than someone who is all about that, however. I spoke with him briefly and learned that he's going to be meeting with several UCC pastors in St. Louis in early March. I'm insterested to see how the dialogue continues.
  • Christopher Wright: This Irish clergyman is one of those brilliant scholars who has profound things to say. The crowd did seem to be less engaged than with other speakers, however. One of the things he said that sticks in my mind is "There's nothing narrow, partisan or exclusive about God's love."

Tomorrow we close with a communion worship service. Then I'll spend all afternoon with tearing down and packing up. It's been a great convention.

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