National Pastors Convention - 8

The 2009 National Pastor's Convention has come to a close. We've packed everything up and the trucks have pulled out of the parking lot. Here are a few thoughts from today and a few final thoughts as well.

  • Closing worship included a moving hymn sing (with Dan Bashor - the owner of the sound and light company that I worked with this week -- accompanying on piano!), an inspiring and exciting message from Efrem Smith (including another "God is Still Speaking" moment -- Efrem said "As God speaks, it transcends gender.") and an open communion invitation.

  • Load out went surprisingly quickly. We had most of the stage taken down in the first hour, took down the digital lounge in short order while the store and breakout rooms continued to be taken down. We were done almost 3 hours before our expected finish time.

  • A few of us headed to Old Town for dinner (Old Town Mexican Cafe -- GREAT restaurant!) and then a quick trip to Mission Beach to see the ocean. It was a nice relaxing (but freezing!) end to the week.
Those final thoughts? I've had a great experience at the NPC this year. I think the folks who put this on really do have their hearts in the right place. They have a difficult time navigating the treacherous path including conservative and progressive pastors and traditions. I believe they do it very well.

I've been disappointed this week, however, to see that this convention remains without much diversity in attendance as well as among presenters. I think Zondervan needs to do better in inviting presenters who represent a diverse blend of gender, race and tradition. I also think they need to d a better job marketing this convention to a more diverse audience.

The shuttle picks us up at 4:45 tomorrow morning. . .

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