Bonaire 2009 - 8

Last snorkel
  • I got up early once more for a last snorkel of the week.  I spent a little more time in the water than normal, as I wanted to savor swimming in the sea for the last time on this vacation.
  • The water was clearer than it has been the last several days, and I spotted a pretty large snook. They used to be pretty plentiful in the waters around Buddy Dive, but now they’re harder to find.
  • We packed up most of the condo this morning in preparation for tomorrow morning’s departure. Everything’s dry and almost everything is packed away.
  • Lunch today was at Jibe City We ate and watched the windsurfers. In past years I’ve rented some beginner’s windsurfing equipment and had a go of it, but this year the wind and waves looked a little rough.  We took a walk instead.
  • We came back from lunch via the rough side of the island.  The surf here is really big – and today it was larger than I’ve ever seen it. While mom and Cassie looked at interesting coral on the shore,  I made a rock monument and took a few pictures.

One more night on the island – we’re headed to City CafĂ© for dinner.

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