Bonaire 2009 – 7

Last dive of the week
  • I did my usual early-morning snorkel today. The water was too cloudy to get any kind of pictures, but I did snap a great photo of a stork before heading into the water.

  • My mother-in-law Mary Anne had some sinus issues this morning, so Cassie and I went out on our last dive of the vacation together. We went to Weber’s Joy – AKA Witch's Hut. Lots of surge and pretty cloudy on the way in, but we navigated well and made it back with no problems! (Well, I did 'topple' on my way out -- but no harm done!)
  • During the dive, we saw what both of us described as the “biggest french angel fish we’d ever seen.” It was at least 24 inches long and tall!

  • We also spotted a chain moray, a cowfish showing an unusual bluish-white tint and a really big rainbow parrot fish.

  • The highlight of our dive, however, came right near the end when we saw a squid. Cassie got some great pictures. (Most of the pictures I’m posting this week she took, but I was there when she took them!)

  • Lunch today at Cactus Blue – what a great restaurant! I highly recommend it to anyone who ever comes to Bonaire.

I think we’re staying in and making potato chowder for dinner. Tomorrow, for our last day on the island, we’re headed to Jibe City and to the rough side.

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