Bonaire 2009 - 6

Church dive

  • I got up for my morning snorkel again today. The water was pretty cloudy, but I did get some great video footage of a flounder on a long swim. (video below)
  • After worshipping at the International Bible Church of Bonaire this morning, we headed to Sunset Beach (named for the resort that used to be there but no longer is- the site is officially called Front Porch) to a site that rarely disappoints. It did not again
  • We saw a HUGE french angelfish, a pair of queen angelfish and a really big painted file fish.
  • We also saw four spotted moray eels – two of them free swimming.
  • Near the end of the dive, we also saw a very toad-like scorpion fish.

It’s a lazy afternoon – then off to some friends home for a ‘Sunday at Sundown’ social gathering. Tomorrow’s our last diving day L

Here's that flounder footage--

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