Bonaire 2009 - 5

More sights and a boat farewell

  • Our first dive this morning, at Angel City, was just a little different than advertised. We saw plenty of French Angel Fish, a wonderful fish ball being hunted by a school of horse-eyed jacks and permits, and some dude who was diving “mit out swimming suit.” We joked that we experienced a rare "junk fish" sighting.
  • Cassie was too tired for the second dive, so my mother in law and I headed to Andrea 1. Best sight of the day . . . swimming with a sea turtle!
  • In the afternoon a few of us boated out into the waters above Buddy’s Reef to scatter my father in law’s ashes at sea. It was a fond farewell with a mixture of tears, hugs, and ocean spray. As we were scattering the ashes, I thought about all the pictures Cassie has been taking this week and how similar the shots are to the shots that Joe took while he was down here. I’m sure I’ll think of him every time I dive or think about diving for the rest of my life.

Tonight – we don’t know what we’re doing for dinner – but nobody’s too concerned. We’ll figure something out.

Here's some video footage of our experience scattering Joe's ashes at Karpata and over Buddy's Reef:


Peter said...

As someone who has scattered the ashes of a parent, I feel like I know a little of what you experienced. The memories of those who have departed before us will always be with us.

Kirk said...

You said it, Peter. May those memories warm our hearts as long as we live.