Bonaire 2009 - 4

 day filled with amazing sights!
  • This morning I woke up and went down for a snorkel. Immediately upon entering the water, I saw a small octopus searching for food along the bottom. I spend the next 25 minutes following the octopus and taking pictures. (Can you see it and the scorpion fish in the picture?) Not much of a workout this morning, but an incredible experience.

  • We went on our first dive to Tori’s Reef looking for eagle rays. We didn’t find any, but we did see a really cool crab – it’s uncommon to see them – especially during the day.

  • On our second dive of the morning, we went to an easy-in shore site called Yellow Submarine. It’s close to the retail district and the town pier, (and the official dive site Something Special) so there is often lots of old trash in the water. It makes for a good dive as the trash makes artificial reef areas where fish congregate. It was a pretty good dive up until the time we saw the SPOTTED EAGLE RAY! Then it was the best dive I’ve yet been on.

  • I did a much better job with air consumption today – two dives close to 50 minutes with lots of air left over.

Tonight – the rum punch party at Buddy Dive and then dinner at Ribs Factory.

Here's some video of my octupus encounter:

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