Bonaire 2009 - 3

What a day! Great adventure so far -- over the past day I’ve:
  • Done a check out dive at Buddy’s Reef. We saw some of the normal things you see on a dive – including a menacing-looking, but very cool sand diver.

  • Had a great dinner at Cactus Blue – a top-notch restaurant owned by some friends of ours down here.

  • Gone for my daily morning snorkel – the water was pretty cloudy due to all the surge – I did see a pretty cool rusty old wheel, tho!

  • Had a morning dive at Karpata. We started by scattering some of my father-in-law’s ashes at the site. I thought about him a lot during the dive. Great things to see at Karpata – including a pretty lush underwater forest.

  • Looked for fuel for our truck. Apparently power is out on the island. Buddy Dive has it’s own generator so we haven’t noticed here at all. (Fuel stores were closed, however. I’ll have to go tomorrow morning)
We’re staying in for dinner tonight – Pasta!

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