Bonaire 2009 - 2

We're here! Yesterday didn't go exactly as planned, but we arrived here at Buddy Dive Resort just about the time we originally thought. Some of yesterday's adventures:

  • Our trip from O'Hare to San Juan was diverted to JFK due to a right engine indicator problem. (not an emergency, but one that required us to land and get a new plane)

  • Our San Juan layover -- scheduled for 5 hours, was less than an hour. We had time to get a sandwich and then board the tiny prop plane (OK -- it sat about 40, but still -- it was small!) for Bonaire.
  • After we arrived and started to unpack, I discovered that my camcorder and power supply (but not the case) were stolen out of my carryon luggage (it had to be stowed because of the size of the plane) after we got on the plane in San Juan and before we got the bag (right off the plane) in Bonaire. I'll file a theft report with American Eagle today.
Today I got up early, checked us into our room, went for a snorkel (saw lots of cool fish -- I forget most of the names) and then posted here.

I'm looking forward to a great week! The picture is a view from our balcony.

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