Peaceful Valley 2008 - 6

After being away from all things electronic overnight -- here are the highlights from yesterday's all-day horseback ride and overnight campout.

  • We reached Red Deer Lake -- the first time on the all day ride that the group I was with went that far.
  • When we arrived at our campground for the night, the skies opened up in a downpour -- soaking everyone. After seeking shelter in tents and the campsite shed, waiting an hour for the rain to stop, we started making dinner. A couple of folks decided to head back to the ranch --so 11 of us had a marvelous time of cooking, eating, singing, telling scary stories and sleeping out in the wilderness. What a marvelous campout!
Our ride back to camp this morning was FAST -- The horses were energized to be back home and we were happy to oblige as they loped and loped and loped.

And as if that wasn't enough running . . .
  • Today I took the afternoon ride to Beaver Reservoir --where there's an excellent soft road for horse loping. My regular horse (Sky) lost a shoe just as we started the ride so I rode her sister, Snow Baby. She ran as fast as she could -- which was thrilling, but just a bit slower than Sky. Still, it was a great ride!
Tonight it's the chili cookoff and then tomorrow the final ride to Jamestown.

Still having a blast!

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Cassie said...

awww. you guys look great!!!