Peaceful Valley 2008 - 7

Things are wrapping up with the trip to Peaceful Valley Ranch for 2008. Here's a bit from the last couple of days:
  • We took an adventurous ride to the Jamestown Settlement -- where we had a chance to pan for gold, tube down a short section of the river, and even have a wonderful lunch
  • After the Jamestown picnic - we took the quick way home -- down a long, soft road where the horses love to run -- Great last horseback ride!
  • Just before dinner -- a semi-sized load of 600 bales of alfalfa arrived. I spent a little bit of time bucking just a little.
  • Today was the weekly guest 'rodeo'. Folks got to compete in Pole bending and Barrel Racing competitions, among others. I placed 3rd in Pole Bending and 2nd in Barrel Racing.
  • This afternoon brought a short trip to Estes Park. We shopped a bit, had some ice cream, and saw a store dedicated to my favorite song.

We leave tomorrow morning

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