Peaceful Valley 2008 - 5

What a great day of vacation! Here are some highlights

  • Breakfast on the Mountain. We came across this wonderful character named "Grubstake MacGregor" while we were there -- whoever this guy is, he's really talented!
    Horseback ride to Castle Rock -- we cantered (ran) most of the ride - moving fast enough to make me think I might just fall off the horse (I didn't)

  • Magic with The Great Scott. He's funny, talented and really entertaining!

Tomorrow we're headed out for an all day horseback ride (beginning at 9 am) and an overnight campout -- no electronics for 24+ hours! The ride promises to be fast, exciting, exhausting and really fun! My two oldest children are going to be on the ride too!

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Cassie said...

Is that you? you look great! but you better shave that thing off if you want a kiss hello..