UCC Illinois Conference Annual Meeting 2008 - 3

It's pretty late -- and here are my favorite things from today:
  • Speakouts – and talking about i.ucc – complete with the (now known far and wide) chant (at the end of the one minute time limit) of i.ucc.org, that’s i.ucc.org . . . (the whole crowd chanted along!)
  • Rob Leveridge’s energized and motivating presentation about Chicago Theological Seminary.
  • Seeing a picture (in a presentation by Felix Ortiz) or Rev. John Thomas dedicating a bathroom in Chile.
  • The jazz worship service with Rev. Sandra Gourdet preaching.
  • Hearing, dancing to, meeting and taking a picture with Grupo Yuba – a Puerto Rican drum, singing and dancing group from Chicago.

One more morning session and a great worship service left!

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