UCC Illinois Conference Annual Meeting 2008 - 4

Our 44th annual meeting is over -- here are my favorite times from our last day:

  • No controversial things to do all weekend
  • Reading the ordination anniversaries (Hey! I've been ordained as a pastor for 10 years!)
  • Kawanna Hunter's closing sermon -- challenging all to look ahead in faith and to "GET OUT - OF THE PAST!"
  • Singing the Potty Song Trilogy for everyone before we started worship.
  • Leading music for the closing worship service. It totally rocked! Here's the music lineup we had
  1. 'Something Beautiful for God' - Bryan Sirchio
  2. 'Ask, Seek Knock' - Bryan Sirchio -- complete with audience motions!
  3. 'Hearts Full of Gratitude' - Bryan Sirchio (I don't love this one yet, but it is growing on me!)
  4. 'Dream God's Dream' - Bryan Sirchio (yes -- we sang lotsa Bryan!)
  5. 'Healing River' - Christopher Grundy
  6. 'Peace" - Bryan Sirchio (It sounds like a 60's song -- we waved cell phones in the air)
  7. 'Come to the Feast - Christopher Grundy
  8. 'Masithi'
  9. 'I am Welcomed' - Bryan Sirchio (We sang this through about 7 times as people received communion)
  10. T.A.M.B.O. - Christopher Grundy (We had a conga line through the worship area!)
  11. 'What does our God Require of Us?' - Bryan Sirchio (I gave this song the Speedwood treatment)

What a great weekend. We were revived, refreshed and renewed! God is still speaking!

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