UCC Illinois Conference Annual Meeting 2008 - 2

The first day is over -- here are my highlights:

  • Meeting, hearing from, spending time talking to and experiencing music from Felix Ortiz. What a genuinely nice person who shows extraordinary passion for sharing God’s love with all of the world. (Traci thought he'd be a great person, too)
  • Reconnecting with many friends from all over the Illinois conference
    Practicing the songs for Saturday’s worship with conference youth – who were very forgiving when I couldn’t remember how a couple of the songs went (I promise to have them learned by Saturday!)
  • Hearing the number of different ways the evening’s speakers incorporated our meeting’s theme of revive. . . refresh . . . renew! into their presentations (not always in the same order, either!)
  • Searching the hotel for a good wireless signal . . . (found it downstairs and even in the hallway!)
More fun tomorrow!

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