Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008 - 5

Well then, yesterday was one of those work days that had the potential to be a total bust, but I think we salvaged some work anyway. And overall things turned out pretty well.

The weather led to a cancellation of a few of our work projects

Habitat crew went to Michigan City and then turned around and came home
The beach crew never left
The shelter crew arrived and didn't have much in the way of supplies. They finished 2 hours early
Most everyone (at different times) worked on painting the craft and gathering area of Marshall Hall right here at Tower Hill. We painted windows that had been covered by storm windows, prepared the interior walls for a new coat of paint, hung curtain rods and fireproofed the new curtains. We have a full day of work on that whole project on Friday.

Friday? What about today?

Today's a planned day off -- if the weather holds we'll be at the beach much of the day. If not it looks like bowling and/or a movie at a local theatre.

In the afternoon it was still kind of rainy -- so the camp set up a giant slip n slide for us - I was the only adult to try it out -- it was one of the highlights of the week. We also got to spend a bit of time at the archery range -- I wasn't too bad -- I hit the target most times. . .

We still had a great end to the evening with worship and singing. I played a few and Max also played. Then later Julie and I sang a couple of songs with some really ringing harmonies

Here's what I remember

I Like Cicadas
The 501 Song
The 'Tower Hill Camp' Store

I'm a Creep (Max and Julie sang this one)
This Little Light of Mine
Amazing Grace

We extended curfew for the students by an hour to midnight -- it was about a half hour too long for my ability not to fall asleep standing . . .

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