Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008 - 6

Yesterday's day off went by quickly -- but it sure was rejuvenating!

After breakfast -- we all simply rested for a couple of hours before heading north up the expressway to "exit 29" where there were a bunch of restaurants. Some of the group went to Applebees and I ate with 6 other youth at Steak and Shake. We had some great conversations about how to tip at a restaurant, reactions to this trip, school experiences, and even politics!

In the afternoon the weather was clear so we swam, climbed and layed out at the beach. At one point one of the leaders went up to the snack area and came back with a bag full of ice cream treats for everyone (she actually went twice) The sand and sun were hot, but the treats made it and the kids (and adults!) were overjoyed with the treats.

Today was also the day to make memory crafts -- signed t-shirts and thin log slices with quotes on them.

Of course, we ended the day with worship at the beach. This time it was about trust -- trusting God and trusting each other. Lots of songs, too
Here's a possible partial list:

Shut De Do
Made of Clay (and original written by and performed by campers!)
Buffalo Boy
The Star Spangled Banner
Beloved Let us Love One Another
Itsy Bitsy Spider
This Old Man
A medley of parts of Styx and Queen songs
The Cheese Song (third time?)
Open the Eyes of My Heart
What does our God require of us

Today it's our final day of work -- Here's the plan as I know it now

Habitat home in Michigan City
Nature Center - pulling weeds, etc (that's where I think I'll be)
Finishing the painting, curtains, etc at Marshall Hall right here at Tower Hill

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