Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008 - 4

I put on loads of sunscreen yesterday -- and I still have a sunburn on my face and neck -- ouch!

We had a very hot -- yet still wonderful day at Habitat camp

  • Finished the roof

  • Lots more work on the Habitat home

  • Projects and projects and projects at camp
The wind and the waves cooperated so that we could swim – I challenged everyone to a race out to the buoy and back. I should have just made it to the buoy – I won that part – but ran out of steam on the return trip.

After a rock climbing adventure for many of the campers (and none of the adults!) up a 35+ foot wall, we headed to the beach for what as become the regular daily plan, we had a time of evening fun, songs, worship and prayer. This time it focused on creation (and the need for humanity to respect and care for God’s creation!) I played some music and we had a few other song/rap leaders to!

Song list (as far as I can remember)

  • Post-partum blues

  • Lions

  • God of Wonders

  • Big House

  • Cheese song reprise (Danny wanted to play guitar)

  • Home on the Range/My Home’s in Montana

  • Boom Chicka Boom

  • A song with a cow and a foot
More work fun today

  • Habitat site

  • Women’s shelter

  • Beach work (I've been told we're cleaning dead fish off a beach -- that's where I'll be)

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