Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008 - 3

What a great first day at Habitat/Volunteer Camp 2008!

We worked hard -- everyone really giving a great effort. We began the day with encouraging devotions with Pastor Dan (that sounds like a Saturday Night Live Skit title!) and then we went to work. We

  • Made significant progress on the roof and sides of a Habitat for Humanity Home in Michigan City, Indiana. (more work there today!)

  • Put half a roof on a large shed/barn near our camp. (finishing it today!)

  • Did what was described as "a million little jobs that all needed doing) at a women's shelter about 40 minutes away - (we're going back there Wednesday)

  • Almost completed the wiring on one of the camp buildings that is being remodeled. (I think we continue work on that building Wednesday)

The rest of the day was exhilarating -- the water was too rough on the lake - so no swimming yesterday :( - but several of us went to the big sand dune (Mount Baldy) climbed up and ran (or fell) down. Then after dinner, we had a rejuvenating time of devotions, songs, worship and prayer at a beach campfire. I got to lead some songs (Pink Pajamas, Hole in the Bottom of the Sea, The Cheese Song and Have Love) and we talked about the relationships we've already begun to form after only one day. Everyone quieted down quickly at bedtime -- I think everyone was exhausted!

Today there's much of the same in store

  • Work more on the Habitat home

  • Finish the shed/barn roof

  • Work on several projects (painting, cleaning etc) right here at camp.

If the weather holds -- we'll get to swim later too!

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