Nifty Prince Caspian marketing tool . . . er 'resource'

OK -- so I'm already tired of movie marketing campaigns that are called 'resources.' They love to push the agenda, "This is a movie you should see if you're a Christian." and "Bring your friends to see this movie and then have conversations about being a Christian with them."

The most important phrases in those sentences, I believe, for the movie marketers (resource makers?) is:

This is a movie you should see.
Bring your friends to see this movie.

I think there are a whole lot of good movies in the theatres every year. There are also a whole lot of awful ones. Some make for excellent conversations after you see them. Others make you want to forget you went to the theatre.

Now . . . with all that said. If you're planning to see Prince Caspian when it comes out in May, you might find this nifty resource from Interlinc (I like these folks -- I write Bible studies for their music magazine!) I wrote a few quick games for the "Narnia Dispatch" - the weekly emailed-part of the whole Narnia Insider package

It's free to sign up -- But it's really targeted at youthworkers and other church workers and only one kit is available per church.

Here's the first of the few games I wrote -- published in the Narnia Dispatch #4.

Old Treasure
Pack a box filled with items today’s students either use or find very important. (You could include a Bible, ipod, glasses, money, band-aids, handheld computer, GPS device, digital camera and any other ‘high technology’ items you can think of as well as things like spiral notebooks, card decks etc.) Ask the students to take out an item and tell a story about what one of these strange devices did – from the perspective of a person 1000 or more years in the future.Tell the students that in Prince Caspian, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find a door in the ruins of a castle that lead them to an area filled with ancient treasures. For them, however, they only left the treasures a short while ago. Then ask them how they would describe the treasures in the box to a person 1000 years in the future.

Update: Here's another game -- from dispatch #6

Prince Caspian Rhymes
Give students a list of character names from Prince Caspian. Give them 5-10 minutes to write down as many rhyming phrases that go with the names. Here are a few names you can use. Miraz, Caspian, Reepicheep, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy. Dr. Cornelius, Aslan, (Alternative game. Give the students the same names, but have them compete with one another to make up rhymes on the spot.)

Another update: Now all three of the game ideas I submitted have made the dispatch! This one's in dispatch #7

Prince Caspian Theme song contest
Have the students make up a theme song for a Prince Caspian TV show. If students have trouble with a tune for the song, suggest the “Gilligan’s Island” theme or “The Brady Bunch” theme as possibilities.

What are your thoughts about the kit (if you have one) and the whole movie marketing - I mean resources - thing?

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